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Luminance Estimation Toolkit

Mapping the luminance values of a visual scene is of broad interest to accident reconstructionists, human factors professionals, and light experts. These mappings are useful for evaluating lighting installations, performing visibility analyses for accident case studies, and a variety of other purposes.

Nitere allows you to accurately estimate real-world luminance values from still images or video frames captured from any scene. You can generate a luminance estimate for any shape you can draw. The technology that powers Nitere is based on published and peer-reviewed science, authored by the creators of this software.

The biggest advantage of using Nitere is the ability to rapidly estimate luminance from video frames captured while driving through any scene. This means you won't have to stop on the side of the highway, stop traffic, or close the roadway to record the data you need.

Once you've used Nitere to calibrate your camera, you'll no longer need to rely on spot type luminance meters. These expensive meters require individual measurements of all objects of interest, which can be extremely time consuming. Luminance spot meters are also limited to measuring a specific area within a predefined cone. Nitere makes measurements of non-uniformly shaped objects of any size fast and easy.

When measuring the luminance of retroreflective material, the relative position between the luminance meter, the retroreflective material and the headlights of the vehicle greatly matters. With Nitere, you're in complete control of image acquisition, so you can generate luminance values from the exact location and position you require.

Nitere's camera calibration features give you the freedom to choose a camera setup that fits your workflow. In contrast, commercially available luminance cameras are large, heavy, and require lots of power. And, they typically require long capture times during low illuminance (up to 30 seconds). Nitere takes the burden off your work in the field and generates accurate luminance maps across dynamic lighting conditions.

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